Document Centre

Throughout this website we have tried to explain how we work, what we charge and the process for getting financial advice. But there is only so much you can show on a web page. So we have created this Document Centre as a place to download any of the important documents you should be reading.

Disclosure Documents

These are sometimes called disclosure documents because they disclose important details like fees and charges, which are so often hidden in the fine print. We believe in being open and honest about what we do and what the fees and charges are. So not only have we tried to explain things on this site but we have also provided links here to all the relevant documents:

Terms of Business

This is our overriding client agreement, and should be read by all clients.

Investment Fee Agreement
This is relevant to all investment and pension clients, and details our fees with regards to investments.

Mortgage Fee Agreement
This relates to all mortgage clients and details our fees for arranging mortgages.

Privacy Notice

This is our customer privacy notice.

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