Step Five – Ongoing Servicing

With any investment-based solution, such as pensions, ISA or open-ended investments, investment conditions continuously change with changing economic environments.  It is important therefore that any investment is reviewed regularly.

Keep up to date with your investment

With our ongoing financial advice service, any investments which you want us to look after will be kept under review. This can be using our Discretionary service, where we will automatically rebalance your portfolio as and when we feel it is appropriate to do so, or our Bespoke service, where you can pick and choose the funds. We will send you a valuation statement, either quarterly or half-yearly depending on which service you choose, and this will form the basis of a review meeting, face-to-face online using Skype, email or telephone, during which we will review the statement and investment performance and provide any advice required.

Our Discretionary service fee is 0.86% (inclusive of VAT) and the Bespoke service is 1% per year on the value of the portfolio.


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