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As IFAs we will be asking you some questions about your situation, so it’s only right that you know a bit more about us before we get started. So let’s introduce ourselves.

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Reckitt House is an online service, but it’s not anonymous. It is a service provided by Davidsons IFA ltd, a well-established firm of financial advisers directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Founded in February 2001, we specialise in providing honest and straight forward, online financial advice to everyday people. What does that mean? It means helping people find the best mortgage or pension for them, regardless of what fee we earn. With investments, we can help pick funds and build a portfolio, whether you have £1,000 to invest or £1,000,000, or indeed just want to save each month into your ISA.

We have a good reputation in our local area and in many cases we are now looking after second-generation clients! With Reckitt House, we are offering access to that personalised service, without the need for you to leave home.

We believe this is the way financial advice should evolve and we are proud to be representing the future of financial advice.

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