Financial Advisers have always been defined according to what they can help you with or what products they can offer. There will be direct salesforces, who can only sell the products of their employer – such as the banks – or restricted advisers, who can only help you with specific products, and in some cases from a narrow list of providers.

When we say Independent, we mean Independent

We believe being independent is crucially important if you are to receive the best possible financial advice.  Independent financial advice is about what you need, not about what product is on offer. So we are classified as Independent. That means we can advise on all types of retail investment products, recommend any pension to which you would qualify using, find any mortgage which is available for your situation or simply find the best life cover quote.

Beyond that we are also independent of thought. We have never simply followed the trends prevalent within our industry. Instead, we have followed our principles of what is right for our clients. As an example, with investments, we build each and every portfolio, ensuring they are well-balanced and reflect the client’s own unique circumstances. We avoid using model portfolios or outsourcing any work, as that would add an extra layer of charges. Our advice is about what’s right for you, not what’s easy for us.

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When we say independent, we mean independent