It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of good investment advice. Whether you are trying to improve the returns on your current investment or working on your pension position, how the underlying investment performs will make a huge difference.

The importance of research

That’s why we put such an emphasis on investment research and hold a licence to use Morningstar’s unique fund research software. This provides quantitative and qualitative research coupled with past performance and correlation statistics designed to help the adviser build and maintain an investment recommendation. It provides us with access to Whole of Market data, coverage of Open Ended funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts and reporting based on face to face meetings with Fund Managers.

Quite simply, whether you are looking to start investing with your first £1,000 or topping up an existing portfolio, we can help research the funds, make the investment and provide ongoing valuations.

Investment Philosophy

Investments and investment principles affect almost all of us. Whether its a pension, ISA or simple endowment, how we approach investing client’s money is fundamental to our results and effects most clients. It is also a way of differentiating our service from many other advisers – unlike many firms, we will take responsibility for picking funds and monitoring performance going forward.

Please look through the links below to see how we deal with Risk Assessment, Portfolio Construction, Diversification, Research and Individual Circumstances.

Risk Assessment
Portfolio Approach
Fund Research
Everyone’s different

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