Everyone’s different

We believe there is one fundamental principle when offering our service to clients; Everyone’s different.

Discretionary or Bespoke?

At Reckitt House, we believe everyone has their own view as to how their investments should be managed. Some will want a hands-on approach, picking their own funds and making their own judgement about assets to hold, while others will be happy to leave that to us. That’s why we offer two ongoing services – Discretionary and Bespoke.

With our Discretionary service, we use the services of our sister company, Davidsons Portfolio Management ltd, to run portfolios on a discretionary mandate. That means we set up and manage the portfolios, picking funds and rebalancing, without coming back to you each time. In our view that is the most efficient way to run a portfolio, which is why we have priced it so competitively at 0.8% per year inclusive of the advice and discretionary service.

With our Bespoke service, once the portfolio has been set up – using our Portfolio Build service or simply picking your own funds – we will monitor its performance and report back to you, but any changes will be driven by you. This route would be suitable to experienced investors who want to pick and choose their own funds. As this involves more work for us the price is slightly higher, at 1% per year.

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