Fund research

To help us research the thousands of retail funds available, we hold a license to use specialist software designed and provided by Morningstar. They are independent and well respected for their quantitative and qualitative investment research.


You may not have heard of Morningstar, but they are one of the World’s leading fund research companies, setting the industry standard for investment information. They provide us with fund research, including past performance and correlation statistics, fund manager track records and fund xrays, illustrating risk and returns as well as true cost breakdowns.

As independent advisers, it is crucial to us that they provide access to whole of market data, covering Open Ended funds, ETFs and Investment Trusts as well as reporting based on face to face meetings with Fund Managers.

We take our investment credentials seriously and believe you simply cannot undertake thorough fund research without trusted support from a recognised expert, such as Morningstar.

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