Portfolio approach

The term ‘Portfolio’ is often associated with wealthy individuals. We assume we need a certain amount of money to have an investment portfolio. At Reckitt House, we believe anyone can build a portfolio, regardless of investment size.

Adding value to your investments or pension

When we take on a new client it is not uncommon for us to find all their investments or pension in a single ‘Managed’ fund. This is often the default option and can be seen as limiting the adviser’s liability if things go wrong.

More importantly, this reliance on one fund to provide long term returns can become a high risk strategy, suffering particularly in a falling market. In effect, this approach simply follows the market up or down – there is rarely any “added value”, particularly after charges.

We believe a ‘portfolio’ approach, spreading an investment across a range of asset classes and sectors, and using a range of funds managed by different fund groups, can provide greater flexibility to react to changes in the markets. It allows us to tailor the investment more closely to your risk preferences and actually reduce exposure to investment risk.

Put simply, we believe using a portfolio approach to your investments or pensions will lead to greater potential returns. Of course, there are no guarantees, but taking an active role in picking funds can make a real difference to your long term returns.

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