Risk assessment

Before any investment is made you need to consider risk; how much do you want to take and how much can you afford to take?

One person’s ‘safe bet’ is another’s ‘risky gamble’

To put together any fund recommendation, we need to know not only your attitude to investment risk, but also your ability to withstand loses. We all know the phrase “past performance is no guarantee or indication of future returns” and “Unit prices can go down as well as up”, or even “you may get back less than you put in”, but it is important to understand that, with almost any investment, there are no guarantees. You need to be comfortable with that element of risk before investing anything.

To help us establish where you are on the risk spectrum, we use a risk assessment tool provided by Morningstar. This is a short questionnaire developed for Morningstar by Ibbotson Associates, and helps us with our subsequent asset allocation and portfolio build.

It is important to point out that this questionnaire is only part of the process. It provides us with structure and consistency, and a starting point from where we can discuss potential asset diversification and ultimately provide fund recommendations.

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