Overview: Services and Fees

The best way to explain our Mortgage services and fees is to describe our advice process. This can be broken down into five steps with each step having a specific service and a corresponding fee.
Step One Meeting
Using Skype, email or telephone we will establish what you are looking to achieve and gather facts and information to help us formulate our advice. This is also a chance for you to find out more about us.
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Step Two Route Map
We will conduct our research, using quotes, policy information and fund performance data to produce our advice report, the Route Map.
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Step Three Portfolio Build
(Investments & Pensions only)
For investments and Pensions only, we can provide a recommended portfolio breakdown, including specific fund selection.
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1% of portfolio value
Step Four Implementation
If you choose to go ahead with our advice, we can take care of the application process, including all the paperwork.
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Mortgage: 0.6% offset by commission and Route Map fee

Investment/Pensions: £250 (see our Price Promise)

Annuities: £250

Life Cover: Commission Only
Step Five Ongoing Servicing
For Investments and Pensions, we can provide six-monthly valuation reviews including portfolio rebalancing.
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0.5% per year

Remember, this is just a broad overview. For detailed information about our fees and charges please visit our Document Centre.

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