Step Four – Implementation

This is the boring bit!  You’ve received the Route Map and Portfolio and you know what you need to do – but you don’t want the hassle of printing off those application forms, dealing with the product companies and chasing things through.

Online advice – that’s what we do

If you want us to implement our advice on your behalf, we can collate whatever forms are needed, help you complete them and deal with the product providers on your behalf. How much work that entails will depend on the advice area we are dealing with.


We will deal with the lender and in some cases multiple lenders, to work towards obtaining a mortgage approval. We will then guide the mortgage through to completion, making the house buying experience as painless as possible.

Our fees for processing mortgages are banded, depending on how much you are looking to borrow.  For details, please see our Mortgage Fee Agreement.

As an illustration, assuming a mortgage amount of £100,000, our fee is 0.6% of the amount borrowed. However, that is reduced by any commission the lender pays us and the Route Map fee of £250.

We will obviously confirm to you, at the route map stage, what that commission is, and therefore what you would be expected to pay on completion.

Investments and Pensions

With Investments and Pensions, we will liaise with your existing pension company, if applicable, as well as any new investment or pension provider, to ensure the correct contract is set up, the right funds and share classes are bought and then to produce our opening valuation statement.

For our fee in this area, please see our  Investment Fee Agreement. The fee is a flat rate, but you have a choice of paying us direct or through the product.

If you pay us direct, the fee is £250.

If you pay through your product, the fee is £350.

The Reckitt House Price Promise

As the Implementation fee is a fixed amount, this can penalise smaller investors. So, for Pensions, Drawdown and Investments we have introduced the Reckitt House Price Promise

Our Price Promise is we will cap the total fees incurred (inclusive of the Route Map and the portfolio build fee) at 3.5% of the amount being invested, subject to a minimum fee of £250. To qualify for the Reckitt House Price Promise, any implementation fee must be paid direct – there will be no option to pay through the product.


We will deal with your existing pension provider as well as orchestrating any Open Market Option, should that prove to be the best route for you. We will act on your behalf to ensure the annuity is set up according to your chosen options.

Our fee for implementing our annuity advice is £250 for the largest source pension, plus £200 for each additional source pension valued in excess of £10,000 and £100 for each additional source pension valued less than £10,000.

For detailed information about our fees and charges please visit our Document Centre.

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