Step Three – Portfolio Build

With any product which includes investing money, such as a Pension or Investment, you will be faced with the choice of which funds to use. Our online investment advice service can help.

What’s in the Box?

That’s obvious if you are looking to invest £10,000, but often overlooked when it comes to pensions. When you pay into a pension, that money has to be invested into something. Often, that “something” will be the default life assurance funds which can be the serial underperformers. That will have a detrimental effect on your long-term pension planning.

Reckitt House can provide online investment advice for your investments or your pension. We put a great deal of time and effort into picking funds and building portfolios, using analytical software provided by Morningstar, a leading fund research company. We will build your portfolio according to your aims and objectives, timescales and risk profile and we believe we can add value in this area, whatever the size of your proposed investment.

We will produce an investment analysis report, with a breakdown of the recommended funds, their past performance and combined risk position, their individual and combined fees and a full Morningstar portfolio X-Ray analysis report.

Our fee for building a portfolio is 1% of the amount being advised upon.

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