Step Two – Route Map

The Route Map is the document where we set out your current position, your aims and objectives and our thoughts on how we achieve those aims and objectives

Clarifying your options

That’s why we’ve called it a “route map” – it will tell you what we think is the best way to achieve your goals, what it will cost, what company we think you should use or what lender is willing to provide the mortgage. We will include our logic and research on why we think this is the best way forward and indeed what the alternatives are.

We will send this document to you, by post or email, whichever is preferable for you.

Once received, we are happy to have a meeting, again using Skype, telephone or email, to discuss the report and answer any queries or concerns you may have regarding our advice. In many ways the Route Map can help clarify your options and will certainly be a historical record of our advice.

The fee for the Route Map is £250.

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