Mortgage Advisers have always been defined according to what they can help you with or what lenders they can deal with. There are direct salesforces, representing one lender, or restricted advisers, who only use a narrow list of preferred lenders.

When we say Independent, we mean Independent

We believe being independent is crucially important if you are to receive the best possible mortgage advice – advice which is about what you need, not about what product is on offer. So we are classified as Independent. That means we can find any mortgage which is available for your situation from any lender in the market.

Beyond that we are also independent of thought. Our fee structure has been designed to ensure we are paid the same amount regardless of who the lender is. If there is any commission payable, it is passed back to you in the form of reduced fees. This is contrary to so many advisers, who tend to be reluctant to disclose their commission income and often use lenders who pay the most commission.

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When we say independent, we mean independent